Turbo Jet

(pneumatic applicator)
The Turbo jet is a versatile and accurate pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seeds from 8 outlets with 8 or 16 spreader plates. Use the Turbo Jet with a Browns Grassmaster Harrow as a grass seeder when undersowing or rejuvenating pasture. A 12 volt motor drives fluted feed rolls that meter seeds into the individual air tubes.  High capacity electric fans ensure a reliable spread, and the versatile feed mechanisim easily adapts for different rates and products, and a selectable agitator prevents difficult grass seeds from bridging. Available with two control options.

The VS-2 control system gives 24 motor speeds 'on the go' adjustment and can be fitted with a GPS receiver to automatically maintain application rates as forward speed varies.

The i-CON control system is an extremely comprehensive GPS based colour touch screen automatic control system with numerous features.  It is capable of Precision Farming automated variable rate application, working from a seeding plan.  The RDS i-CON system automatically maintains a preset application rate as forward speed varies, with on-the-go manual up and down adjustment of rate from the target.  The i-Con monitors forward speed by GPS and controls the feed roll speed as required.  Constant comparison and balancing of forward speed versus feed motor speed ensures that an extremely accurate and reliable seeding rate is maintained.
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