In 1830, 19 year old George Brown started a business as a blacksmith in Leighton Buzzard and it was not long before he had started manufacturing edge tools like scythes, chisels, hay knives and forks. In 1850 George was joined by his son William, and by the end of the 19th century they had installed steam driven machinery which lead to the start of manufacturing farm implements such as ploughs, drills and horse hoes.

Ernest Brown became the third generation to join the company in 1903. Ernest developed the manufacturing into semi-mass production, he invented the parallel expanding horse hoe which sold in it's thousands. He also expanded the range of equipment to include the Cambridge rolls, push hoes, grain lifters, hay sweeps and stackers.

Ernest three sons, Bernard, Alan and Bob became the fourth generation to join the comapny and with the increasing retail business, Bernard and Alan concentrated on developing and marketing the retail business, while Bob took over the manufacturing side. In 1959 Bob oversaw the invention of the automatic bale sledge, which sold over 10,000 units.

Today, Jim a member of the fifth generation, carries on the tradition first adopted by the founder George. Browns Agricultural Machinery continues to develop innovative farm machinery to the very highest standards demanded by today's modern farming methods.

For well over one and a half centuries farmers, not only throughout the UK but in many overseas countries as well, have learned that equipment carrying the name 'Browns of Leighton Buzzard' is synonymous with good, long lasting quality at a fair price. Now operating from new, purpose built premises Browns continue to offer the quality of service only a private company can hope to achieve.