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    • Spring Tine Grass Harrows
    Spring Tine Grass Harrows: Aerates the sward | Encourages vigorous growth | Helps prevent thatch and moss build up | Breaks up and distributes manure and mole hills | 8mm oil hardened spring steel tines | Mounted floating subframes | Different tine settings to angle attack of tines | Tines set 25mm apart | Two height adjustable pneumatic tyres | Heavy duty frame
    NB. All Prices DO NOT incl. VAT
    CodeDescriptionWorking WidthTransport WidthParked HeightLengthTinesWeightPrice
    65745Grassmaster | 2m / 8mm tine rigid2065mm (81'')2065mm (81'')1650mm (65'')1745mm (69'')80280kg2000.00
    65755Grassmaster | 3m / 8mm tine rigid2950mm (1162950mm (1161650mm (651745mm (69112365kg2400.00
    65765Grassmaster | 5m / 8mm tine hydraulic4950mm (1952500mm (982350mm (931745mm (69192595kg3995.00
    65776Grassmaster | 6m / 8mm tine hydraulic6145mm (2422500mm (983000mm (1181745mm (69240630kg4400.00
    53234Extra pair of depth wheels360.00
    53030Seed Broadcaster-Fan Jet Pro 6523kg (50.6lbs)1075.00
    53488Seed Broadcaster FanJet Pro1301625.00
    53134Seed Broadcaster Turbo5050.00
    53411Seed Broadcaster | Turbo jet wizard6750.00

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